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Learn to season!

Learn the professional way to season using Rick's Seasoning Salt

I can't emphasize this enough! This is the most important aspect in cooking and is the difference between the true professional and the amateur. A Chef's Salt is used for both great flavor and for better health!

Great Flavor! - This is one of the most important videos in the entire program, learn this, be consistent, and you will be amazed at everything you make!

For Good Health! - You will cut your sodium intake drastically!

Start by making ours, then change it to make your very own!

Now experiment with other ingredients!
Herbs de Provence
One of my most used
seasoning mixes.
Minced Garlic
A kitchen must have!
Here's a fun party idea!
A Seasoning Salt Tasting
Don't want to make your own?
Set it up like a wine tasting!

Special seasoning videos for " Kids" of all ages!
Kids Learn to Season 1
The first "sauce" I learned to make!

See the kids in action!
Kate n Avery & Dandelions Cooking!
Veggie Fideo & Chocolate Mousse
a dozen 3 to 7 year olds in the kitchen.
So cute!

Kids Learn to Season 2
Here we'll do a hot sauce!


Le Menu

As we continue to grow, we've changed the style of this section to read more like a menu.
Below you'll find our Appetizers, Soup & Salads, Main Courses, Desserts and Extras (sauces & how-to.)
You'll also find a section for Equipment and Suppliers (where to get your ingredients.)
We think it makes it easier to find the recipe and demonstrations you want to see!


Salmon & Fish Terrines

A Basic Pate

Turkey Liver Mousse

Broccoli Sticks from Stalks

Risotto Cakes

Making Paella Cakes

Soups & Salads

Black Sheep Tomato Soup

Fresh Pumpkin Soup

Basic Bisque from Shrimp, Lobster or Crab

Aioli Salad

Salads - Combining Favorites

Salad with Fresh Lima Beans

Confit, Beet & Goat Cheese Salad

Cooked New York Salad

Lamb Chop Salad

Main Courses

Fish and Seafood

My Favorite "Dish of the Year - Fideo"
This is one of the most versatile dishes I've been exposed to!

Shrimp & Asparagus Fideo with Aioli!

Baby Trout with Egg-pancakes
For breakfast, lunch or dinner!

Rare Ahi Tune Steaks

Fresh Fish Brik

Salmon & Capellini


Basic Beef Stew
You can use most any kind of meat for this dish.

Roasting a Beef Sirloin
Save money and prepare for future meals at the same time.

Using New York Trim Meat
See trimming a New York below.

Steak with potatoes & corn on the cob in only two pans

Tri-Tip Basics
A very versitile cut of beef!


Roasting a Lamb Rack

Borrego Borrego Borrego
One of the Black Sheep classics!

Lamb Loin and Chanterelles

Roasting a bone in Leg of Lamb

Leg of Lamb Part 2 -A selfish yet guiltless, pleasure!

Start a Cassoulet with that lamb bone!

Gnocchi - Using Lamb Trim Meat

A Favorite Spring Lunch
Baby lamb chops and vegetables seasoned with aioli and grilled

Aioli Dinner Suggestion 1 - Baby Lamb Racks, Broccoli & Potatoes
Make the Aioli sauce below and dinner is fast and easy!


Venison Rack
With a healthy mushroom & black truffle scented sauce

Bison Burgers Two Ways!


Pre-Cooking a Pork Loin
Make future dinners fast! First in series.

Pork Loin 2 - Don't waste those Pan Juices!

Pork Loin 3 - Fideo

Pork Loin 4 - Linguine

Pork Loin 5 - Risotto
Now that you've made Risotto, see Risotto Cakes in Appetizers!

Basic Pork Stew for larger groups

Stew Two - Taking it a step further


Roast Chicken & Vegetables
Simple and oh so good!

A Spanish (and healthier) version of Chicken Cordon Bleu?
Great re-heating secrets included!

Roasting a large Turkey!
The tricks to a brown and moist bird!
Then, fast, simple Turkey Gravy!

Turkey for One or Two

Turkey Thighs

Turkey and Avocado Tacos
A nice change for left-over turkey!

Sausage & Peppers Variation
Using Turkey Sausage

Roast Quail Salad with a "Far East Feel"

Cassoulet Tacos & Burritos

Confit and Chanterelle Mushroom Stew

Ou La La! Fresh Foie Gras and Confit

Saffron Rice - A suggestion for larger groups
This one's made with chicken but you can use anything!

Vegetables and Side Dishes

Cabbage in Duck Fat

Italian Squash with Sheep's Milk Romano Cheese

Mini French Fries

Pureed Cauliflower
A substitute for potatoes & butter.

One Potato Two Potatoes
Make time count when cooking!

Steaming Fresh Beets

Mixed Bag

Aioli Dinner Suggestion 2 (Mediterranean Tacos)

Black Sheep Cocido
Our version is kind of a Spanish Cassoulet

Sausages by Hand

Sausages in a Food Processor

Spanish Style Sausages

Using Summer Truffles


Gateau au Chocolate - Plus a pumpkin version!
This was one of our most popular desserts

Mini Chocolate Gateau au Cholcolat

Mini Gateau Sammys

A Chocolate Mousse in less than 10 minutes!
So quick, make it before going to work! Ready when you get home! (10 minutes)

Chocolate Mousse in 10 real fast!
For those who just need a quick re-fresher this is the same video above in fast forward! (1 minute)

Raven's Kisses
A fun thing to do with Chocolate Mousse

A Chocolate Sauce Tasting
This is a great party idea for friends!

(sauces and how-to videos)

Aioli (a quick & easy version)
This was the restaurant's most popular sauce!

An onion & Garlic reduction, a basic ingredient for many Spanish sauces and dishes

Sun Dried Berry Sauce
For Venison & Duck

A fast, easy Salza!

 Building a Papaya Salza!

Avocado Sauce

Make a great sauce from leftover Soups!
We demonstrate with the Pumpkin Soup above!

Healthy ways to Thicken Soups & Sauces!

Peeling Shrimp
And using the skins for broth and more!

Turkey Gravy!

An Adult Cranberry Sauce

Trimming a Lamb Rack

Trimming a New York Strip
Save money, eat better.

Make breakfast and start dinner at the same time!
Featuring "Not a Cassoulet"

Really Fresh Fish Test!

French Toast
From last night'sFrench bread

Pizza from Black Sheep Bread

Kate & Avery's Chocolate Mess!
2 kids vs. 6 lbs of chocolate. Who wins?

Here's some Egg ideas and options!
 Fresh Egg Yolk Options
Many of you enjoy making our Aioli and other dishes that call for fresh egg yolks.
I've been trying to get somebody to carry fresh pasteurized egg yolks. I'm still working on it!
A Hollandaise Sauce
Eggs Benedict
Chocolate Mousse
made with frozen egg yolks

Equipment, Tips & Favorite Tools

Black Steel Pans
The workhorse of the kitchen!

No kitchen should be without them!

Instant Read Pocket Thermometer
Another must have item!

Plastic Turkey Thermometers?
I'd say no...

Do two jobs at once with a Double Steamer

Heating Plates Fast!

I do! (just some silliness)


Growers Ranch for Produce
In Costa Mesa, California. They have a great retail shop because their
main business is that they supply many of the best local restaurants!

La Espanola - Everything Spanish
In Harbor City, California, but they ship most everywhere!

Dry Dock Fish
Many open air market locations in Southern California!

In New York but ships the best cured meats, confit and specialties of Southwest France

Savory Spice Shop
The best and freshest herbs & spices. Get the ingredients here to make Rick's Chef Salt.

 Chef's Toys
My favorite for the best equipment. One of few pro shops open to the public.



Learn to "think like a chef" on the road!

Travel with a chef and see how to prepare great meals on vacation (or at home!) and save money doing it. Rick and Diana love to travel and they also love to cook while traveling. In this section you'll find what they've done while on their numerous road trips. Many episodes include; where they shopped, what they bought, the menu, how each dish was prepared and how much it all cost! Although they love to eat out, they also love using what they find where they are!

Vacation Cooking in the San Juan Islands
Join Rick and Diana for five days in a vacation rental on the west side of San Juan Island where they made full
use of the kitchen and still had time to go chase Orcas (Killer Whales), eagles and more. You'll see they ate
very well for less than $7 per person, per meal! (This is most of the DVD of the same name, online.)

Black Sheep Cooking Club's
"Pre-Packaged Gifts"
We give you these recipes and gift giving ideas in the hopes that you will use them to help others. We encourage you to share them with your friends, family, co-workers, church group, girl scouts etc. They not only make great gifts for the holidays, they are a fun way to; welcome a new neighbor, say thanks, make an easy dinner or side dish for the mother
with the new baby, just to have around for something quick, and so much more. What can you do?

The Black Sheep Cooking Club 's Pre-Packaged Gift Ideas

Just for fun, playing with Snails!
An all boys three course lunch with my nephew.
Now, if you can make snails taste great, everything else should be pretty easy huh?


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